TEDx - A Precision Approach to End Alzheimer's Disease

"Our generation will be the LAST generation to  FEAR ALZHEIMER'S!" Dr. Dale Bredesen

TEDx TALKS  Jan 15, 2020

H.E.A.L. Podcast - Dr Dale Bredesen

 * What actually is Alzheimer's?   

*Are current dietary guidelines correct for safeguarding against Alzheimer's?  

* Can Alzheimer's be preventable?  

* How can you slow or reverse Alzheimer's?  

 The Paleo Way with Pete Evans    Oct 23, 2019

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Alzheimer's Disease- Interview with Dr. Bredesen

 • The ReCODE protocol, which involves identifying the drivers of cognitive decline (such as pathogens, toxins and metabolic changes), then targeting those in a personalized program that includes dietary and lifestyle changes, allows your brain to create and maintain synapses again, thereby treating the root of the problem  out this great video.    CLICK HERE FOR  DR. MERCOLA'S WEBSITE        Jul 28, 2019

The End Of Alzheimer's" - Prevention and Resolution!

 Are you or anybody you know afflicted with the dreadful disease that is Alzheimer's?  Well then you will not want to miss this excellent discussion with none other than Dale Bredesen MD, world authority on preventing and resolving Alzheimer's Disease.   So empower yourself with the knowledge, and help yourself and others through being informed! 

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 Jan 15, 2020


Dr. Dale Bredesen